Friday Link Roundup – February 6, 2015

New Climate Economy. Here is a data-drive dive into the economic waste caused by suburban sprawl. The monetary shortfall to maintain our infrastructure could be made up entirely by eliminating the waste caused by car-dependant cities. This analysis is conducted on a macro-scale, but it’s probably true for individual cities as well. We could see great cost savings by making our cities more dense and walkable. via Alex Steffen

Small Is Bountiful. This New Yorker article beutiflly discusses the way small business is making a comeback and contributing to the identity and economic stability of cities. via

6 charts that show renewable energy is getting cheaper. Absolutely critical to making our suburbs environmentally sustainable is to ensure electricity consumption comes from renewable sources. Thankfully, it’s becoming more cost-competitive to do so. With such spread out housing, suburbs actually have an easier time of deploying small-scale distributed solar systems than more urbanized areas. via @drgrist